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The Municipal Court rules upon complaints brought before it by law enforcement agencies. It is a multi-jurisdictional court, covering the City of Columbus, City of Lodi, Village of Poynette, Village of Fall River, Village of Rio, Village of Cambria, Village of Randolph, Village of Pardeeville, Township of Dekorra, Village of Dane, and Township of Columbus.

Cases that are handled in municipal court include city / village ordinance violations, traffic forfeitures, or other miscellaneous forfeitures.

Our Clerk of Court office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm. We are not open on Saturday or Sunday.


Additional Information

Initial Appearance
Upon entering the court, you should find a seat within the rows of chairs prior to the initial appearance starting.
When your name is called by the Judge, you will approach the podium and be given the opportunity to plead guilty, no contest or not guilty. Not guilty pleas are not heard at this time. You will be set up for an initial appearance with the Village/City Attorney at a later date.
Plea Options
A guilty plea means that you accept the charges being alleged against you.

No Contest
A no contest plea is very similar to a guilty plea but the plea of no contest can not be used against you at a civil court hearing such as a lawsuit.

Not Guilty
You can submit a not guilty plea by mail, email, or fax prior to your initial appearance date. A not guilty plea means you are contesting the charge(s) against you. A pretrial with the Village/City Attorney will be scheduled. If resolution does not occur at the pretrial, a bench trial will be scheduled for a later date. If a bench trial is scheduled, you should be prepared to bring all evidence to support your case, including, but not limited to witnesses.
Past Due Fines
It is best to pay fines when they are due. Failure to pay the fines as required may result in one of or more of the following sanctions.
Incarceration in Columbia County Jail
You will be housed at the Columbia County Jail in Portage until you pay the fine or have served the required amount of time.
When a Warrant has been issued the only way to have it cancelled is to serve the allowed number of days in jail or pay the fine in full. To pay the fine without going to jail you may go to your local police or sheriff's department and indicate to them you'd like to pay a warrant.
License Suspension

Your Wisconsin driver's license will be suspended for a period of up to two years for any unpaid traffic fine. When the traffic fine is paid in full the suspension on your license will be released and you will be eligible to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to reinstate your driving privileges after paying a $60.00 reinstatement fee to Department of Motor Vehicles.

Tax Interception Refund Program
The Wisconsin Department of Revenue's Tax Interception Refund Program (TRIP) is an avenue available to courts to collect fines, forfeitures and restitution. The court will certify the debt with DOR whereby your Wisconsin state taxes will be sent directly to the certifying court until the amount certified is paid in full.
Paying Fines

GOVPAYNOW Using your credit or debit card. Pay location code is 6569. There is a 3.5% internet service fee with a minimum charge of $3.50

Fines can be paid with a check or money order made payable to "Clerk of Court" and mailed to Eastern Columbia County Court, P.O. Box 96, Fall River, WI 53932.

Drop Box: After hours payments can be made in the drop box located at the entrance of the Village Hall.

Driver's License Reinstatement Eligibility